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Pokemon Go is Being Updated!

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PSA! Players of the mobile phone game Pokemon Go all seem to be quite happy. There happens to be a bunch of neat little features being added to the game that is changing the face of the game.  While this is news that many players appreciate, there are some updates coming that everyone has been waiting for. There’s something huge being teased for release this summer.

The event coming this summer is said to add features that the game SHOULD have had since launch. These features are a major part of the other Pokemon games. Luckily, the mobile game is still going strong, but these features need to be added before the player base begins to drop off.


These new features will hopefully be trading and Player versus Player battles. If you’ve played the traditional portable Pokemon games, you know how iconci these features are. Imagine them being added to Pokemon Go! Niantic has a plan for how trading will function, and it will not be easy. These trades will not simply work through the internet. This has been made clear by  Polygon. Those wonderful days of internet trades are gone. Players must go out and meet each other to trade their desired Pokemon. So to get a region locked Pokemon, you would have to set up a meeting with someone who has the desired Pokemon for trade. Some other mechanics to be added are raids, PvP and PvE. This will get people to come together instead of sitting around playing alone. That was the problem I had with playing Pokemon Go – there weren’t enough people around me for me to discuss the game with. It must still be difficult for trainers who do not know enough people who play. Stay tuned for future updates!

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