Best Budget Motherboard For Gaming

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Building a PC for gaming is an expensive affair. A lot of components are required to put together a sound system well equipped to fulfill one gamer’s wishes and commands. The components one requires to build a PC are a central processing unit or CPU, a motherboard which will house the various components of a gaming PC, a graphics processing unit, memory, storage and power supply.

Top Budget Gaming Motherboard

A motherboard is an umbrella that houses all the different components and helps them work together in harmony. Therefore, you need to determine first the specifications of the various parts you are going to be using, and then choose the motherboard that can accommodate all these parts. However, these parts come at a steep price, rounding to roughly two to three thousand dollars. Hence it is important to be able to choose cheaper alternatives for each part without compromising on the quality of the user experience.

A budget gaming motherboard can only be chosen if one knows what they’re looking for. If seeking for a cheap option, be open to not buying the latest technology in the market. If you know the specifications you need, look for the motherboard that was the rage of the gaming town a couple of years back. It will still be functionally excellent while being sold at a fraction of the price due to the arrival of newer models.

A good gaming experience does not need the latest and best technology. A touch outdated can work just as well at giving you the experience you desire. Motherboard for gaming from well-known brands can be shockingly affordable while being reliable. A few brands to look out for are MSI, Asus, and Gigabyte.

MSI series motherboards are highly rated among gamers and are specifically well-known for their low prices. MSI 970 costs about a $100 and has a four-star rating on Amazon. In addition to that, it has over 800 reviews, adding to its credibility. Its temperature always stays below 56 degrees and maxes out at 60 fps. With two USB 3.0 ports and eight USB 2.0 ports, this is an extremely affordable motherboard for gaming.

MSI Z97 will set you back $90 while serving as an excellent budget gaming motherboard. It also enjoys a four-star rating on Amazon with over 600 customer reviews. Made out of military grade parts, it can accommodate multiple graphic cards.

MSI’s H81M-E33 model is one of the best-reviewed motherboards for gaming and costs a mere $50 to $60.

Asus offers the A68HM Plus, a micro ATX motherboard for gaming for a measly $70. Moreover, Gigabyte’s LGA 1150 Intel B85 is another budget gaming motherboard that one can choose to maximize gaming experience at the best value for their money.

Building your gaming PC is an important and costly affair. It requires a lot of patience and commitment in order to build the best gaming PC suitable for your needs. Keeping your requirements in mind, choose a budget gaming motherboard which will serve its purpose while being pocket-friendly.

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